Friday, January 24, 2020


My new cut steel sculpture "Daphne" will exhibit at Roby King Gallery, Bainbridge Island WA, Feb 7- March 1, 2020 in "A Trio of Print-makers" with Lynn Brofsky, Brian Fisher & Steve McFarlane.  The opening Reception is Feb 7, 6-8 pm.  Check it Out!


Ovid's description of Daphne's pursuit by Apollo, prayer to her father the river god Peneus and subsequent change into the Laurel or Daphne tree is context for my sculpture.  My inspiration though is Kathleen Raine's contemporary poem "Daphne After" and her Me-Too depiction of coping with violation and the victims emotional metamorphosis.

Daphne After by Kathleen Raine

In the absence of a heart grown
stemwise, silent, slow Daphne drinks
unremembering and unknown,
in the manner of a laurel thinks

in branches, sometimes blossoms.  Real
forgetting is her secret, long
detachment, no slit sense to heal.
Only sentiment and song

remember how she suffered, ran
in terror, turning tree, and past

to present.  Where the myth began,
the laurel is the light’s at last.

Monday, January 20, 2020


"Theseus", 25 x 37 in. is my monotype print with 23k gold leaf exhibiting at Roby King Gallery, 176 Winslow Way E., Bainbridge Island, WA  in "A Trio of Print-makers" with Lynn Brofsky, Brian Fisher & Steve McFarlane.  The opening reception is February 7, 6-8 pm and our art will exhibit: 11am-6pm Tuesday - Saturday, through February.

If there ever was one "Once upon a time" story, the Athenian foundation myth of Theseus covers all the the Jungian archetypal conquering hero motifs.  He is great, he is good, he slays monsters and is misunderstood.  It's propbaly my favorite story. 

Sunday, January 19, 2020

"In and Out" at the Vashon Heritage Museum

"Anthem", (Small Town Boy) & "The Band Played On", ( Never Can Say Goodby), by Brian Fisher, Monotype Print with wood bas-relief. 

"Anthem" in gold and "The Band Played On" in green, above, are two of five collagraph monotype and wood bas-relief window installations I printed and carved for the Vashon Heritage Museum's "In and Out, Being LGBTQ+ on Vashon Island".  Designed by Jessica DeWire and curated by Ellen Kritzman and Stephen Silha, the exhibit is showing now through March 2020.
My window installations are inspired by the coming out “Anthems”, the music my Gay friends have shared and that I subsequently have listened to while planning, printing and assembling each element of this music inspired installation.
The Bronskie Beat song "Small Town Boy" is a personal favorite and is my inspiration for "Anthem".


"Icarus", Brian Fisher, Steel Sculpture

My sculpture Icarus will exhibit at  

Roby King Gallery Feb 7- March 1

Opening Reception Feb 7, 6-8 pm.


Icarus by Rebecca G. Bagget

The story is so simple
really. Imagine
yourself gifted with wings,
every child's sleeping
and waking dream, imagine
that you could defy
that force dragging us all
to heel, imagine every sweet safe
green harbor below, laid out
for your choosing
like candies in their box.
Then imagine that one
gold coin, that fierce and pulsing
point around which worlds dance,
imagine the gentleness below
and that wildness above, imagine
that something in you echoed
to the leaping of its flames,
imagine how its one question
beat in your veins, how you saw
with perfect clarity that moment
in which each of us chooses,
forever. Imagine that voice
far below crying: Come
back      Come back


Wednesday, January 15, 2020

In and Out, Vashon Heritage Mueseum

I love seeing my Vashon friends in this YouTube clip created by filmmaker Michael Monteleone celebrating  the Vashon Island Heritage Museum's exhibit "In and Out,  Being LGBTQ on Vashon Island". 

The exhibit opened in June 2019 and it will continue until March of 2020.  If you've already seen this inspirational, informational, exhibit please share it with your friends.  If you have not already experienced "In and Out", designed by Jessica DeWire and curated by Ellen Kritzman and Stephen Silha...  you must check it out!  

My contribution to the celebration are five print and bas relief window installations inspired by the "coming out music" my friends and family shared with me. 

At left is a snap from the "In and Out" opening.  It was wall to wall fun and a night to remember!

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Oedipus Rex

“Oedipus Rex”, my rust monotype on vintage linen is now on exhibit at Roby King Gallery, 176 Winslow Way E. Bainbridge Island, WA. Jan 3-Feb 2, 2020.

Oedipus was born to Laius, King of Thebes and his Queen Jocasta. At his birth, it was prophesied that this child, Oedipus, would murder his father and marry his mother.  So Laius, frightened, sent Oedipus to be exposed to weather and wild beasts on Mt. Cithaeron.  However, Oedipus did not die, instead he was found and adopted by the King Polybus of Corinth and his Queen.  When Oedipus is called bastard as a young man and told that King Polybus might not be his real father, he left Corinth and journeyed to Delphi and its’ Oracle in search of an answer to his true parentage.

The Delphic Oracle does not tell him who his true family is but does tell him that his destiny is to kill his father and marry his mother.  In order to thwart the prophecy, Oedipus decides never to return to Corinth and his eventual inheritance, but instead to travel and to live in Thebes.  On his way he meets a caravan at a cross roads.  When a man driving one of the caravan wagons orders him to move out of the way, Oedipus, in anger, slays him and the wagons flee before him.

Next, Oedipus encounters the accursed Sphinx who guards the road to Thebes and devours any who fail to answer correctly her riddle.  When she asks;

"A thing there is whose voice is one:
Whose feet are four and two and three.
So mutable a thing is none
That moves in earth or sky or sea.
When on most feet this thing doth go,
Its strength is weakest and pace most slow.",

Oedipus answers correctly, “Man, the ages of Man." and the Sphinx in anger bursts into flame!

When Oedipus reaches the city gates he is welcomed as a hero for defeating the Sphinx.  Thebes’s King had only just been murdered and the citizenry proclaim him their new King!  He accepts and following tradition marries the Queen of Thebes,  Jocasta.

The years pass. Jocasta and Oedipus the King have four children and live happily.  Eventually though, a plague infects the city. When Oedipus instructs his adviser Creon to seek advice from the Oracle at Delphi for its cause, he learns that the plague has happened because the murderer of King Laius has gone unpunished.  Oedipus recalls the man that he killed on his way to Thebes, contemplating the possibility that he is perhaps the killer and invites witnesses so that the issue can be resolved. 

While waiting, a messenger arrives with news that Polybus, King of Corinth, has died and that Oedipus is now King, Oedipus Rex!  When he tells the messenger that he cannot return while his mother is alive because of prophesy, he is told that the Queen of Corinth is not his mother and that as a baby he was given to Polybus by a Theban shepherd.  

Oedipus having now realized the truth, goes to tell Jocasta. She already has learned that the prophesy has been fulfilled and has killed herself.  Overwhelmed by guilt and grief, Oedipus abdicates the thrown to Creon,  blinds himself and begins his sojourn as outcast.

This in an intergenerational Greek tragedy that just keeps on giving but I will stop for now.  Check out my rust print “Oedipus Rex” at Roby King gallery during the month of January, 2020!

Saturday, January 4, 2020

"Vashon Island Connection" Opening at Roby King gallery

The Vashon Island Connection   -Brian Fisher, Pam Ingalls, Susan Lowrey opened last night at Roby King Gallery,  176 Winslow Way E. Bainbridge Island, WA.  Jan 3-Feb 2, 2020.  Thanks Andrea Roby and Wes King for a wonderful evening!  So much fun!

Friday, January 3, 2020

The Vashon Island Connection at Roby King Gallery

The Vashon Island Connection  Brian Fisher, Pam Ingalls, Susan Lowrey show at Roby King Gallery,  
176 Winslow Way E. Bainbridge Island, WA.  Jan 3- Feb 2, 2020.  
Join us for the Opening Reception: First Friday, January 3, 6-8 pm.

"Warriors Waiting", monotype with 23k gold, is one of my many prints in this show.