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Temple of the Winds

  My Monotype Print, (1/1) “Temple of the Winds” has its inspiration in the myths of the Anemia, the four winds and their children associated with Earth's cycle of seasons and once worshiped as; Boreas the North-Wind, Zephyrus the West-Wind, Notus the South-Wind, and Eurus the East-wind.  Long before I learned about the Anemia, I loved the author Thornton W. Burgess's personification of wind and wild creatures in The Wishing-Stone Stories and in his other children's books.  So that is perhaps the origin of this work? "Tommy couldn't see anything lovely in the beautiful, broad, Green Meadows with the shadows of the clouds chasing one another across them.  He couldn't hear the music of the birds and the bees.  He couldn't even hear the Merry Little Breezes whispering secrets as they danced around him."  Merry Little Breezes was a repeated, elemental phrase, in Burgess's books dedicated to nature, "Love, mercy and protection for our little frien