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Yuletide Thanks

Shelter Monotype Collage Many thanks to my family, friends and patrons for your help and support.  My Vashon Island Holiday Studio Tour was successful and fun for me because of your appreciation and response. Once again I had so many interesting conversations around art, art making, myth and its relevance. Those conversations have already generated new ideas to explore and a book list to keep me busy reading for the next several months.                 Happy Holidays!

Seasonings Greetings

Seasonings Greetings Seasonings Greetings!  A couple years ago I ran across some Salt and Pepper shakers on ebay and immediately recalled my Grandmothers personal collection of Salt and Pepper shakers.  They filled two, corner, curved glass fronted mahogany curio cabinets. Grandma's collection numbered in the hundreds! When I asked why she collected shakers her response was "Well I had some shakers and someone saw them and gave me a couple more and someone else saw those and suddenly I had a collection." It is not my intention to collect any  more than the somewhat campy/kitschy eight featured at left as a Christmas card collection, but collections do take on a life of their own. I have photographed all eight pair and  made my, predominantly Japaneese 50's - 60's vintage shaker, collection into a boxed set of "Seasonings Greetings" for the 2011 Vashon Island Holiday Studio tour.  

Host of Angels

Ltd. Edition Angel Prints The second weekend of the Holiday Studio tour begins tomorrow.  I began resetting my studio this morning and took some photos to share.  I don’t know how many angels it takes to make a “host” but here is a whole wall full.  The were created as limited edition digital prints from Monotype collages and they proved quite popular last weekend. Thank you everyone that stopped by December 3-4.  I really enjoy the varied conversations around art and myth that occur during the studio tour and this year I have received some great book recommendations relating to myth.   I am looking forward to another great weekend of seeing patrons and friends!  Here is a link to a map of the 2011 Vashon Island Holiday Studio Tour. Feature Wall