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"Heroes Before Us" Print and Sculpture Exhibition

In October of 2012 Tim Timmerman, director of the Minthorne Gallery at George Fox University , invited me to exhibit my work.  What a wonderful opportunity! I've been thinking and making art for this exhibit ever since. I was at that time working on "Journey" as theme and rust as medium and the work made for this exhibition continues my exploration of the hero's journey in Monotype Print, Rust Print and Sculpture in steel and wood.  The circle is a reoccurring element in many of these new images.  It is for me symbolic of the hero's quest for balance in his exploration of the creative, spiritual and cultural impulses of humankind.  Nine of these rust images were made  by using an open steel plate and acetate stencils; a variation on the water-jet cut steel plates I typically print from. The image at left, "Kentro" (The Center), is a Rust Print, 30 x 30 in.  The image below, "Kore" is a Rust Print, 30 x 30 in. I am inspired by the

Heroes Before Us

Petros, "The Stone," Rust Print, 30 x 30 in. Heroes Before Us is the tittle of my solo exhibition of prints and sculptures opening Jan 23 - Feb. 20, 2014 at George Fox University's Minthorne Gallery in Newberg, Oregon. The imagery I have made for this exhibit references Classical Western Myth and the mythic stories that I believe tell us the truth about ourselves. These images are portraits of the hero's quest for balance that is a fusion of the creative, spiritual and cultural impulses of humankind. Divining Center, Monotype Print (1/1), 35.5 x 14.75 in.

The Dog Show

"Dog Walkin Waltz" , Monotype with gold leaf,  26” x 20”. This will be very fun!   Janice Mallman, curator of the Vashon Island Allied Arts- Art Gallery, has invited 14 artists who love dogs to exhibit their doggy work at the Blue Heron from January 10-30, 2014. One of my favorite poets, Pablo Neruda, once wrote about his own dog- Joyful, joyful, joyful, as only dogs know how to be happy with all the autonomy of their shameless spirit. We are renewed in their Joy!  The image I have posted above tittled "Dog Walking Waltz" was made several years ago to celebrate the spirit of Shitashi, my wonderful Shiba Inu companion, who taught me how to dance every day. Below is the invite to the Dog Show!  My Monotype is at upper right and titled "The Aki Walk" in honor of my Shiba Inu, love and companion, Aki.  She is four now but still has a predilection for chasing birds and has often, (darn near), dislocated my shoulder in her chase!