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Roby King Galleries In Winslow on Bainbridge Island, Washington, hosts a Printmaking Exhibition this month.  The opening reception is October 3 at 6 PM.  My rust Monotype Kouros (youth), above, and companion print Kore (maiden) will be exhibited.

Kouros and Kore were inspired by sculpture of archaic Greece (800 BC – 480 BC).  The Kouroi and Korai sculptures of Greece did not represent an individual but the idea and ideal of youth, a combination of moral and physical beauty and nobility.


Day of the Dead is theme and exhibition at Vashon Intuitive Arts Gallery through the month of October.

Nine island artists: Annie Brulé, Sooze Bloom DeLeon Grossman, Adrienne Edmonson, Brian Fisher, Kara LC Jones, Lynndee LeBeau, Carol Schwennesen, Jane Valencia, and Sherene Zolno share imagery inspired by El Día de Muertos.

Opening night, Vashon's First Friday, October 3rd, from 6 to 9PM, will include a live harp performance by Jane Valenci.  Intuitive Arts Gallery also welcomes  images and offerings that celebrate memory and connection from the community.

"Fetch" honors the  memory of my dog "Tashi" and his obsession/mission in life to retrieve!

Exhibition to Benefit Bainbridge Island Museum of Art

Roby King Galleries hosts its first annual exhibition of Puget Sound artists benefiting the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art.  It's a big show.  I hope it goes well!  Here is the invitation and artists who are participating.

Nuclear Family

On September 19 and 20 Vashon Allied Arts will transform, the “O Space” into Outer Space.  This years theme is-
2014: An Art Odyssey.
Two evenings of intergalactic fundraising festivities include Friday’s The Big Bang and Saturday’s A Starry Starry Night.
Here you may Preview the Auction Catalogand read more about event details, but the count down begins Friday August 29 from 6-9 PM.  It's the real Preview Party and Artist Reception, honoring the artists who have donated over 150 pieces of stellar art to this year’s Art Auction.
At left and below is my fantasy take on a robot family.  Maybe this is Hal's family of origin?  It's named "Nuclear Family". 
These table toppers do double duty as decoration and as auction items.  Artists volunteer each year to transform similar objects into something artful.
This years commissioned artist are: wood sculpture-Tom Northington, jeweler- Gordon R. Barnett, basket maker- Barbara Dusty Gustafson, mixed media arti…

Monotype Print Workshop

Fellow Artist and good friend Ilse Reimnitz and I just completed our summer Monotype Print Workshop.  Everyone who participated  brought real enthusiasm and creative energy to the weekend event. I thank each of them for jumping into the inky good time.

The approaches to monotype print are many.  The basics our workshop emphasized were  reductive methods of creating compositions to print, printing with selected natural shapes, with cut paper stencils, and printing with textural found materials.   We also experimented with draw-through  techniques.  The combination of these print methods result in painterly textures and unique imagery.

Garden Gate

The legends of Jason and the Argonauts are primal myths of Western culture.  The stories are older than those told by Homer though surviving texts were not written until centuries later.

The oldest extant account, the third century B.C. Greek epic poem by Apollonius Rhodius, with additional material by the Roman poet Gaius Valerius Flaccus, has informed the imagery and design for many of my "Heroes Journey" Monotype Prints.  Now, I am interpreting those mythic and seminal narratives as gates.

Above is my garden entrance before installation. At left is the design for the first of three entrance gates to my home, garden and studio.  Two of those gates will illustrate the Quest for the Golden Fleece and the Heroes of the Argonautica.  A third gate will depict the Hero Theseus and his epic adventures in the Labyrinth.

The gates will be cut from from 12 gage steel and mounted within 1 1/2" steel frames.  I always enjoy creating site specific work and hope these ga…

Mandala Opening

Mandala's debut at ArtXchange, Seattle's contemporary international art gallery, was extraordinary!  I am delighted to participate in this wonderful show and exhibit with such extraordinary artists.  Many thanks to Cora Edmonds, Gallery Director, Lauren Davis, Gallery Manager and friend Mugoux, Creative Manifestadora and the Arxchange team!
The opening, during Seattle's First Thursday Gallery Walk, featured a performance by Butoh dancer Kaoru Okumura and company.  Vashon flautist, Larry Lawson accompanied their performance.
The Exhibit runs July 3-August 9. I'm already looking forward to the First Thursday Artists reception on August 7, 5-8 pm.

MANDALA: Contemporary Interpretations of the Ancient Form

ArtXchange Gallery’s new exhibit, Mandala: Contemporary Interpretations of
the Ancient Form
(Opening July 3, 5-8pm, thru August 9, 2014) features nine artists (Nola Avienne, Sarah Barrick, Eric Carson, Brian Fisher, Carl Gombert, Terra Holcomb, Chris Moench, C. Andrew Rohrmann and Connie Sabo), whose work explores the structure or theme of Mandala, the Hindu and Buddhist representation of the Universe.

Mandalas, commonly seen as circular forms or a square within a circle, are a
microcosm of existence, a meditative tool, and a Jungian symbol representing the effort to
reunify the self.

Above is my Rust Monotype Gnosis, one of several related rust images I will be exhibiting.

ArtXchange is located at 512 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104. Hours are 11:30-5:30 Tuesday-Saturday.

Playing and Living Joyfully

It has been a pleasure to exhibit in Playing and Living Joyfully, May-June, an exhibit curated by Janice Randall at Seattle's Plymouth Church.

My two Monotypes in the exhibit, "Dog Walkin Waltz" and "Divining Center" shared the wall behind the baptismal font of this beautiful church with work by artists Kristen Reitz Green, Carol Swchennesen, Penny Grist, Donna Botten and Pam Ingalls.

It was a wonderful exhibit in an inspiring space.

Watercolor Workshop

Workshops are celebrations of discovery for those who take them and for those who teach them!

Several weekends a year my good friend Ilse Reimnitz and I teach monotype and watercolor workshops.
I always have fun meeting new artists  and renewing ties with the friends who have returned to take another workshop.  And for me the bonus is to be with and make art with Ilse.

Certainly watercolor demands patience and concentration  but the method we like to teach also embraces the serendipitous.  By reacting to what happens in an initial pour of transparent nonstaining pigments compositions are imagined, established and developed in each newly painted (staining) layer.

In the photo above Ilse demonstrates the process. 

Making art is a strange amalgam of actively seeing, purposeful motion and a portion of don't forget to breath, deeply.  People who make art are filters and conduits at the same time.   I thank the participants of our workshop and Ilse for reminding me.

Finding Center

I am excited and grateful to be showing with my friends Penny Grist and Liz Lewis in Finding Center, our personal explorations of center and circle.  The opening reception is April 4, 6-9 pm and the show will hang April 4-24, 2014 in the Vashon Allied Arts Gallery at 19704 Vashon Hwy on Vashon Island Washington.

Within mythic story, center is generally a tribally circumscribed place, a point of connection between sky and earth, where cardinal directions meet.  Whether that center be Delphi or Delos, the Temple Mount or the Black Hills, it is the same symbolic center.  It might be called Omphalos or Axis Mundi, Bindu or Bethyle  but details and superficial observations aside it functions as the still point from which all objective reality is a manifestation.  Spiritually it is the point we search from and for which we search.  The rust prints and sculpture I will be showing are expressions of that search, images that are inspired by the "Heroes Journey" and reflections on sy…

"Heroes Before Us" Print and Sculpture Exhibition

In October of 2012 Tim Timmerman, director of the Minthorne Gallery at George Fox University, invited me to exhibit my work. 

What a wonderful opportunity! I've been thinking and making art for this exhibit ever since.

I was at that time working on "Journey" as theme and rust as medium and the work made for this exhibition continues my exploration of the hero's journey in Monotype Print, Rust Print and Sculpture in steel and wood. 

The circle is a reoccurring element in many of these new images.  It is for me symbolic of the hero's quest for balance in his exploration of the creative, spiritual and cultural impulses of humankind.  Nine of these rust images were made  by using an open steel plate and acetate stencils; a variation on the water-jet cut steel plates I typically print from.

The image at left, "Kentro" (The Center), is a Rust Print, 30 x 30 in.  The image below, "Kore" is a Rust Print, 30 x 30 in.

I am inspired by these words and a…

Heroes Before Us

Heroes Before Us is the tittle of my solo exhibition of prints and sculptures opening Jan 23 - Feb. 20, 2014 at George Fox University's Minthorne Gallery in Newberg, Oregon.
The imagery I have made for this exhibit references Classical Western Myth and the mythic stories that I believe tell us the truth about ourselves.
These images are portraits of the hero's quest for balance that is a fusion of the creative, spiritual and cultural impulses of humankind.

The Dog Show

This will be very fun!Janice Mallman, curator of the Vashon Island Allied Arts- Art Gallery, has invited 14 artists who love dogs to exhibit their doggy work at the Blue Heron from January 10-30, 2014.
One of my favorite poets, Pablo Neruda, once wrote about his own dog-

Joyful, joyful, joyful,
as only dogs know how to be happy
with all the autonomy
of their shameless spirit.

We are renewed in their Joy!  The image I have posted above tittled "Dog Walking Waltz" was made several years ago to celebrate the spirit of Shitashi, my wonderful Shiba Inu companion, who taught me how to dance every day. Below is the invite to the Dog Show!  My Monotype is at upper right and titled "The Aki Walk" in honor of my Shiba Inu, love and companion, Aki.  She is four now but still has a predilection for chasing birds and has often, (darn near), dislocated my shoulder in her chase!