Watercolor Workshop

Workshops are celebrations of discovery for those who take them and for those who teach them!

Several weekends a year my good friend Ilse Reimnitz and I teach monotype and watercolor workshops.
I always have fun meeting new artists  and renewing ties with the friends who have returned to take another workshop.  And for me the bonus is to be with and make art with Ilse.

Certainly watercolor demands patience and concentration  but the method we like to teach also embraces the serendipitous.  By reacting to what happens in an initial pour of transparent nonstaining pigments compositions are imagined, established and developed in each newly painted (staining) layer.

In the photo above Ilse demonstrates the process. 

Making art is a strange amalgam of actively seeing, purposeful motion and a portion of don't forget to breath, deeply.  People who make art are filters and conduits at the same time.   I thank the participants of our workshop and Ilse for reminding me.



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