"Icarus", Brian Fisher, Steel Sculpture

My sculpture Icarus will exhibit at  

Roby King Gallery Feb 7- March 1

Opening Reception Feb 7, 6-8 pm.


Icarus by Rebecca G. Bagget

The story is so simple
really. Imagine
yourself gifted with wings,
every child's sleeping
and waking dream, imagine
that you could defy
that force dragging us all
to heel, imagine every sweet safe
green harbor below, laid out
for your choosing
like candies in their box.
Then imagine that one
gold coin, that fierce and pulsing
point around which worlds dance,
imagine the gentleness below
and that wildness above, imagine
that something in you echoed
to the leaping of its flames,
imagine how its one question
beat in your veins, how you saw
with perfect clarity that moment
in which each of us chooses,
forever. Imagine that voice
far below crying: Come
back      Come back



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