Friends or Foes


Friends or Foes, my monotype print (1/1) with 24K gold, will exhibit in ”On Being Human”,  at  Roby King Gallery on Bainbridge Island, Sept. 3-26, 2021.  

Although several of my prints in the "On Being Human" exhibit are my take on teaching fables attributed to Aesop, this monotype is more personal.  It's about those relationships that shape us because they are... challenging.  It also pays homage to truth as a bottom line we can agree or should agree to.

Sometimes that challenging relationship is a close one and your friend is a friend because they tell the truth out of love for you.  Things you need to hear can still be difficult to hear, even from a friend!   

Sometimes the relationship is less defined but you respect the other person's comments or actions because they act from integrity or... maybe they are relatives and believe wholeheartedly in what they share?  It would often seem that the more "stuck" we are, the more we are confused by other ways of seeing truth.  

Friends or Foes, the moral here is to listen and look for unsticking points even in confrontation.  You will learn something about yourself in the process.   That's what teaching fables and maybe the Hokey Pokey... are all about!


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