The Minotaur, Roby King Gallery, January Exhibit

My Monotype "The Minotaur" will exhibit in Roby King Gallery on Bainbridge Island, January Jan 3 - Feb 2 with work from two other Vashon Island Artists, Susan Lowery and Pam Ingalls. Check us out!

Crete’s mythic history begins with the abduction by Zeus (as bull) of Europa, a princess of Phoenicia and a long swim to the shores of Greece's largest island.  With their union, Europa became the first queen of the island kingdom of Crete, powerhouse of the Aegean and subsequently the namesake of Europe.  

When Minos, a descendant of Zeus and Europa, defeated his brothers to become King he prayed that Poseidon, God of the Aegean Sea who's waters surrounded Crete, send him a gift/sacrifice in recognition that his Kingship was divinely sanctioned, his prayers were answered (kind of).

Poseidon’s gift, a beautiful pure white bull, The Bull From The Sea, appeared as petitioned but Minos decided instead of sacrificing the bull to substitute another as tribute and kept the sacrificial bull to breed with his own cattle.  Poseidon, enraged, cursed Minos and asked Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, to cause Minos’s Queen and wife, Pasiphae, to fall in love with Poseidon’s bull, the Bull From the Sea.  And so a child was born, half bull, half human, named Asterion after his grandfather but called The Minotaur.


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