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Horse Play

  Horse Play is my monotype print (1/1) with 24k gold leaf on exhibit in the 3rd Annual VIVA Membership Show at Vashon Center for the Arts.  Visitors are welcome to view the art and talk with artists from 12noon – 8:30pm on 1st Friday, October 2, 2020.  I'll be there at 5pm.  Gallery hours are Thursday – Saturday 12noon – 4pm and the show is up through October.  Please visit and check out art in Print, Painting, Collage, Assemblage, Sculpture, Ceramic, Fiber, Wood, Mosaic, all by 100 Vashon Island Visual Artists.  It's an exciting exhibit that reflects the diversity of work and approach to art being created on Vashon Island in 2020. VCA is located at 19600 Vashon Highway SW, at the corner of Cemetery Road and Vashon Highway.  Summer hours are Tuesday through Friday, 11:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M., Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 – 4:00. Walt Whitman's words from "Song of Myself" inspired Horse Play-  “The Stallion” by Walt Whitman A gigantic beauty of a stallion, fresh

QMP 25 "Collectors' Conversation"

We've all heard the phrase- "I know nothing about art but I know what I like when I see it".  Liking is a jumping off place for collecting and with collecting comes knowledge and a broader appreciation for whatever is being collected.  People collect Art for many reasons and yesterday April 28, art patrons and friends of Quartermaster Press gathered at VCA to discuss just why they collect.  It was a fun afternoon and we got to hear many personal stories from those who attended and whose collections made up the "Collectors' Wall" that was our backdrop and the focus of the event.  Thanks to everyone who could come and share the conversation. Quartermaster Press 25's next special events will be First Friday, May 4 at 5:30, a talk by Suzanne Moore about Tradition and Transformation in printmaking and at 7:00 a Multi-plate Etching Demonstration by Deborah Taylor.  For more details link here to Vashon Center for the Arts . 

Laura Davidheiser QMP 25

This wonderful viscosity monotype, "Sunday is Wash Day" by Laura Davidheiser will be on display during the Quartermaster Press 25 Retrospective Exhibition at Vashon Center for the Arts, April 6 - May 25, 2018.   Laura was an accomplished artist. Her prints, containing a common theme of flight, were selected to show in numerous international, regional and juried exhibitions throughout the United States in her lifetime. Laura was a master of viscosity monotype.  She used stiff dry ink (high viscosity) and oily loose ink (low viscosity) to resist and blend with each other.  If I remember correctly she typically painted with low viscosity {the bright and various colors in the print below) onto her Plexiglas plate and then rolled the high viscosity ( dark red) ink on top of one another. This beautiful monotype print took planning, hours of painting and like every print process...thinking backwards! Thank you Don and Betty Olson for sharing this print with the QMP 25 show

Ilse Reimnitz QMP 25

Ilse Reimnitz introduced me to monotype printmaking and Quartermaster Press 20 years ago.  She is a great friend and mentor.  I always enjoy talking with her and every time we teach a workshop together I learn something new from Ilse.   Ilse Reimnitz has an innate sense for asymmetrical composition.  She is a master of watercolor and monotype.  Her success in both mediums relies on her ability to subtly layer texture and imagery.  What often first appears to be a simple though elegant composition upon a closer look is revealed to be complex, mysterious, and texturally rich.  The QMP 25 Retrospective Exhibit, April 6 - May 25 at Vashon Center for the Arts will include Ilse's monotype "Current" 29 x 21 in. "Current" Monotype by Ilse Reimnitz

Quartermaster Press 25

The 25th Quartermaster Press Anniversary Retrospective Exhibition will show at Vashon Center for the Arts, Koch Gallery, 19600 Vashon highway SW, Vashon WA April 6 - May 25.  Opening April 6 at 5:30 p.m. with an introductory talk by Valerie Willson.  Featured- Print demos, QMP history, talks about Print Techniques, Print Tradition & Transformation, and a Collectors Conversation are all part of this special show highlighting print art created by 31 past and present Quartermaster Press print artists. Pat Churchill and I are co-curating this show.  Deborah Taylor has created dynamic promotional invitations, posters and banners from the artists work featured in this exhibition. See details, dates below and please visit the VCA, Koch gallery website for more information-

Masters in Miniature

 VCA's Koch Gallery presents: The 11th Annual Masters in Miniature Exhibition   Small works of art encourage us to get up close and personal with the piece. Once we are drawn in we are often surprised by the unexpected. That's one of the inspirations behind the Vashon Center for the Arts Koch Gallery 11th Annual Miniature Exhibition.    Below is "Morning" (6x6 in.)  One of several images I have in this show Show. The exhibition showcase works by over 30 Island artists. On view December 1-22, 2017