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Laura Davidheiser QMP 25

This wonderful viscosity monotype, "Sunday is Wash Day" by Laura Davidheiser will be on display during the Quartermaster Press 25 Retrospective Exhibition at Vashon Center for the Arts, April 6 - May 25, 2018.   Laura was an accomplished artist. Her prints, containing a common theme of flight, were selected to show in numerous international, regional and juried exhibitions throughout the United States in her lifetime. Laura was a master of viscosity monotype.  She used stiff dry ink (high viscosity) and oily loose ink (low viscosity) to resist and blend with each other.  If I remember correctly she typically painted with low viscosity {the bright and various colors in the print below) onto her Plexiglas plate and then rolled the high viscosity ( dark red) ink on top of one another. This beautiful monotype print took planning, hours of painting and like every print process...thinking backwards! Thank you Don and Betty Olson for sharing this print with the QMP 25 show

Bonnie Wilkins, QMP 25

Bonnie Wilkins's approach to monotype print is unique and inspirational.  Her work has a timeless quality that embodies a joyful calmness and meditative stillness.  Bonnie says about her work- "The appeal of making monotypes is, for me, the joy of being surprised and delighted by the intricate complexity and beauty that shows up as a result of layered process."  "The collage aspect of the work gave me the opportunity to indulge my love for the “treasure hunt.”  I was always seeking the exquisite fallen leaf, or the beautiful accident on a piece of my disassembled monotypes."  Below is Bonnie's pieced monotype, "Pastorale", 30 x 31 in. "Pastorale"  monotype by Bonnie Wilkins