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Moon Over Marathon

Much of history is astronomically oriented.  The Greek Historian Herodotus described precisely the phase of the moon in his account of the battle of Marathon.  A battle that is considered a defining moment in the development of European culture. In  490 BCE 10,000 Greeks met the assembled forces of the Persian empire, a seemingly invincible army of approximately 20,000 infantry and cavalry, twenty six miles north of Athens on the Plain of Marathon.   The runner Pheidippides was sent to Sparta requesting aid and he returned with the message that Sparta would send reinforcements but only after the conclusion of its religious festival of Karneia which forbade battle until the full moon (another six days). When Greek generals concluded that battle could not wait, a line of infantry equal in length to that of the Persians was formed and the Greek warriors attacked the Persian line at a dead run.  In the ensuing battle an estimated 6,400 Persians were killed while only 192 Gre


Long before cultivation of the grape, bees were sacred to the goddess Demeter, and Mead, or honey wine , was the drink of the Golden Age.  Made from honey, water and yeast, fermented Mead was central to the ecstatic Cretan celebration of the Minoan New Year (the summer solstice) and to the ritual sacrifice of the Cretan Bull.  Kerenyi, the word for drunk in classical Greek, even translates as “honey intoxicated!” When Bainbridge Arts and Crafts Gallery invited me to create an image for their exhibition about imaginary wine labels, the original libation of choice, bee begotten Mead, immediately came to mind. Link to the exhibit information for Vin Faux: Imaginary Wine Labels & Bottles at Bainbridge Arts and Crafts Gallery: My mixed media Monotype, MEAD is 21’”x 21”.

Eve Modeling Ready-to-Wear: The Garden Collection

The wonderful people at Bainbridge Arts and Craft Galley are putting together another fine show!  I just returned from dropping off my own work and had the opportunity to see some of the exceptional images and objects all made in the name of Art Couture .  The opening is March 5th from 6-8 PM.  The show will be up through March 29th. Today I am posting Eve Modeling Ready-to-Wear: The Garden Collection . She along with Kali: Fashonable Diva were printed, painted and assembled for the Art Couture exhibit. After seeing “Eve” a friend suggested I had obviously been channeling my pink and green inner Barbie.  Well, it may be true.  And perhaps a little Barbarella, Pia Zadora, and my very own Aunt Eva.   Though "Eve" could not be Eve and certainly not haute Couture without her Snakey-Do. Eve Modeling Ready-to-Wear: The Garden Collection is a Monotype Print and Wood, Assemblage. 20.5”x 18”x 2” Photo by Charles Backus.  

Kali: Fashionable Diva

  The Bainbridge Arts and Crafts Gallery Exhibition, Art Couture , opens Friday, March 5th.  I had fun with this theme and look forward to seeing the other work. Kali: Fashionable Diva, is one of two print assemblages I made for the Art Couture exhibit.  Kali is the celebrated Hindu goddess associated with time and energy and redemption.  I often write about what I am working on and this is my poem about Kali. Kali Pearl like skulls adorn her breast, Cosmic garlands of conquest, Bone white trophies from a bloody occupation. She is multiform and formless, Fiercely stylish, shaped by grace, The seed of change, the sower and the reaper. Born to war, protect her own, Judge and recreate the dance, She is the “killer” goddess we call mother. We are her miracles of chance, Of birth and death through happenstance. Goddess Kali is our vehicle of deliverance. BF, 2010 Kali is an Assemblage of Monotype Print, Wood, Paint and Kid Leather Gloves.  30”x 27