Prayer, from the Notables exhibit, came down earlier this week but is available on line at Vashon Center for the Arts Online Gallery. 

You can see the show in a Virtual Exhibit, walk through, if you didn't have the chance to see it in January.


19 x 37 in.

Monotype Print (1/1) and Painted wood base-relief

Prayer depicts those moments proceeding battle as imagined from within the Trojan Horse.  These concealed warriors are the last hope of the Greek coalition to capture the city of Troy.  They may win the fight and city, or they could all die.  Either way the war that had already lasted ten years will end. 

The portion that is print in “Prayer” evokes personal reflection before battle.  The bas-relief symbols of “Prayer” tell part of the story that proceeds this moment and conclusion of the Trojan War.


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