Leo and Lang - QMP at Tacoma Art Museum

Below are my new Leo and Lang images inspired by Karen Gantz's print in the Tacoma Art Museum collection.  Here is a link to Karen's "Puppet".

Quartermaster Press  studio will exhibit work in it's latest show- Pressing Forward, at the Tacoma Art Museum's Cheney class room July 11- September 27, 2018.  Each QMP member artist selected work from the permanent collection and created a new generation of prints in response to subject, image and/or print process.  What an exciting challenge!

Brian Fisher,  "Love Puppets" and" The Dating Game", intaglio prints from the "Leo and Lang" series.
The Intaglio prints I created in response to Karen Gantz's print, “Puppet", (which I read as role play), have become a personal print series exploring relationship and role play within relationship. "Love Puppets” and “The Dating Game” are visual moments in the tale of Leo and Lang, twin sons of different mothers who find each other.  It's sweet, a bit sappy and everything old is new again...  It's a dance.


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