The Willow Men

"The Willow Men," another of my Green Man myth interpretations is currently showing at Roby King Gallery on Bainbridge Island, November 3-27-2017.
The Green Man myth represents a union of humanity and the vegetative world.  He is the sacrificial human connection to the plant cycle of birth, reproduction, revitalization and resurrection. Known by many names through time and a spectrum of cultures, including but not limited to: Osiris, Dionysus, Orpheus, Adonis, Cernnunos, Khidir etc… He is the god born to sacrifice and through his union with the goddess to be born again.  I think that this myth is particularly appealing because the Green Man's seasonal life mirrors our own limited mortality.

"The Willow Men" image is a Collograph. The plate from which it was printed was made by using acrylic medium to attach paper that I had previously embossed to a plexiglass plate.  Any texture thin enough to run through the press—paper, fabrics, acrylic modeling paste, even plants could have been used.  This plate was printed by wiping ink into the low parts and wiping it off (so the ink stays in the grooves) and then rolling other layers of ink onto the high parts of the plate.  

Here are more of my print images from this show at Roby King Gallery : Brian Fisher Roby King Exhibition 2017


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