Each month a small community of Vashon Island artists meet in one another's homes to feast, to converse about art and share where their creative paths have taken them since last they met.  The group has been meeting since 2005.

In some measure each gathering represents the cycle that defines Journey.  The dinners have come to represent conclusions and beginnings, demarcations that round the individual's creative search for expression that is somehow more fully realized when shared within this community of friends. 

In recognition of our shared paths, I am one of nine artists this show represents, we decided a year ago to create new work that would express our personal interpretation and exploration of Journey as subject.  

On Tuesday, October 30 I will help gallery director for Vashon Allied Arts, Janice Mallman, hang and mount our show in the Blue Heron Gallery.  I have seen some of the work in progress but I anticipate the thrill of seeing these creative paths converge on November 2 and for a short month, become one!

Please check out these links for artists Morgan Brig  Brian Fisher  Francesca Fuller  Don Glaister  Penny Grist  Suzanne Moore  Donna Romero  Gay Schy  Vallerie Willson.


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