Prints in Process

Poem By Kay Ryan

I marveled at how generally I was aided,

"the autobiography of Charles Darwin"

I marvel at how generally
I am aided, how frequently
the availability of help
is demonstrated. I’ve had
unbridgeable distances collapse
and opposite objects coalesce
enough to think duress
itself may be a prayer.

Perhaps not chance,
but need selects; and desperation
works upon giraffes until their necks
can reach the necessary branch.

If so, help alters; makes seven vertebrae
go farther in the living generation;
help coming from us, not from the fathers
not to the children.

Bless Kay Ryan and her words. She so aptly describes our evolution and also the reach that exceeds the grasp that is creative process.  For the past two months I have been attempting to churn ideas and stories into image.  Above are prints in process.


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