Jason and Chiron

Jason and Chiron   (22 x 29.5 in.)

When Jason, the son of the dethroned King of Iolcus, was a little boy, he was sent away from his parents, and placed under the queerest schoolmaster that ever you heard of. This learned person was one of the people, or quadrupeds, called Centaurs. He lived in a cavern, and had the body and legs of a white horse, with the head and shoulders of a man. His name was Chiron; and, in spite of his odd appearance, he was a very excellent teacher, and had several scholars, who afterwards did him credit by making a great figure in the world.

So Jason dwelt in the cave, with this four-footed Chiron, from the time that he was an infant, only a few months old, until he had grown to the full height of a man. He became a very good harper, I suppose, and skillful in the use of weapons, and tolerably acquainted with herbs and other doctor's stuff, and, above all, an admirable horseman; for, in teaching young people to ride, the good Chiron must have been without a rival among schoolmasters.

The Golden Fleece as told by Nathaniel Hawthorne in The Tanglewood Tales

Above is my Monotype, Jason and Chiron.  It will be on exhibit in my studio during the upcoming Vashon Studio Tour, the first two weekends in May.


  1. As always, I just love the layering. The figures are wonderfully dynamic in their movement!


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