RUST and an Etching Workshop

Chiron and Jason

My plates are RUSTING.  The Cor-Ten Steel seems to be shedding rust in large flakes.  That might be interesting?  I intend to find out tomorrow when I will place two of the plates on dampened Rives heavy weight paper and hope for remarkable rust!  I will post the results.

Over the weekend, while rust was happening, I participated in an inspiring workshop with Valerie Willson and eight others.  Three days learning process, making and modifying etchings on zinc plates at the new Vashon Island print studio of Quartermaster Press with Valerie, was exhilarating!  Here is a Facebook link with descriptions and some photos.  Quartermaster Press

Above and below are the results of my own efforts.   I look forward to Valerie’s followup Etching workshop. 

Argos Etchings, Prints and Plates



  1. Your etchings are inspiring me to get back into it! Very nice work Brian.


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