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Quartermaster Press 25, Collectors Wall

Print artist Beth Dunn has been an intermittent and influential Quartermaster Press member since she first began printing at QMP in the late 1990’s.  When she gave her photo exposure machine to the Vashon Island print collective, she forever changed the equation of print variation at QMP. Below is Beth’s photo engraving “I Was of Three Minds Like the Blackbird” inspired by Wallace Stevens’s Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird . It will be one of many prints by QMP members exhibited on the “Collectors Wall” in the Lobby at Vashon Center for the Arts during the QMP 25 Retrospective Exhibit, April 6 through May 25, 2018. Photo Etching, Chine -collĂ© by Beth Dunn from the collection of Brian Fisher Here is another from the ”Collectors Wall”, a collage created by Quartermaster Press artists in 2003.  It also contains a Stevens inspired compositional element by Beth Dunn. Monotype, Linocut, Photo Etching, Collage by QMP Artists from the c

Jenn Reidel QMP 25

Jenn Reidel's photo etching "She placed her ghosts in the bath in an effort to clean up her past." will be on display during the Quartermaster Press 25 Retrospective Exhibition at Vashon Center for the Arts , April 6 - May 25, 2018.   Jenn is a conceptual artist whose narrative work combines her favorite mediums of photography, performance, printmaking and writing.   She joined Quartermaster Press in 2004 and created two series, which were exhibited at Gallery 070, "Ghosts in Love" (2004) and "A Fury Tale" (2006).  She printed the images first as fine art black and white photos in a traditional darkroom and then used a photo-etching process to mimic 19th century photogravures. She transferred the photographic image onto a copperplate and printed them by hand at Quartermaster Press. "She placed her ghosts in the bath in an effort to clean up her past." Photo Etching by Jenn Reidel