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MANDALA: Contemporary Interpretations of the Ancient Form

Gnosis, Rust Monotype, 30x30 in. ArtXchange Gallery’s new exhibit, Mandala: Contemporary Interpretations of the Ancient Form (Opening July 3, 5-8pm, thru August 9, 2014) features nine artists (Nola Avienne, Sarah Barrick, Eric Carson, Brian Fisher, Carl Gombert, Terra Holcomb, Chris Moench, C. Andrew Rohrmann and Connie Sabo), whose work explores the structure or theme of Mandala, the Hindu and Buddhist representation of the Universe. Mandalas, commonly seen as circular forms or a square within a circle, are a microcosm of existence, a meditative tool, and a Jungian symbol representing the effort to reunify the self. Above is my Rust Monotype Gnosis, one of several related rust images I will be exhibiting. ArtXchange is located at 512 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104. Hours are 11:30-5:30 Tuesday-Saturday.