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Quartermaster Press 2001

These photographs were taken of Quartermaster Press studio in about 2001, courtesy of Marian Wachter.  QMP studio was originally located on Quartermaster Drive and on the property of Michael Richards and Rita Brogen in what was formerly a potting shed.   Valerie Willon's press made by Ray Trayle, is at center of the interior photo. Check out the scale of the wheel!   Pinned to the wall are prints Marian Wachter was working on.  It was a sweet place even if a bit drafty! Below are members Bonnie Wilkins, Adrienne Edmonson, Suzanna Leigh, Brian Fisher, Ilse Reimnitz, Laura Davidheiser and Marian Wachter in publicity photo for QMP. QMP Publicity Photo 2001 QMP Interior 2001

Quartermaster Press 1993

QMP, Quartermaster Press, was founded in 1993 when artist Valerie Willson moved to Vashon Island, Washington with a very large etching bed press.  The press was new.  Valerie had commissioned Ray Trayle to build it two years before when her second story studio in the Pearl District of Portland, Oregon could easily accommodate it and two other presses. Valerie's new, smaller, Vashon Island studio could not accommodate the press and so she and a handful of Vashon Island artists came together to form Quartermaster Press.  The new cooperative shared a press, studio, ideas and friendship. Twenty five years later those foundational ideals are still common denominators of Quartermaster Press.  Below is a 1995 publicity photo of QMP artists Jill Stenn, Valerie Willson, Sue Grant, Bonnie Wilkins and Ilse Reimnitz.  Valerie Willson has been the constant in this artistic equation.  Thank you Valerie for your dedication and contributions to the exploration of print process.  You are one