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The UnClad Show! Guardian At Play

Gallery by the Bay in Stanwood Washington is presenting,  Unclad the 9th annual festival exhibition celebrating the nude figure in art.  The opening is Saturday, March 13th, 11 AM to 8 PM.  Come meet the artists, view the show, check out the related gift shop, listen to live music, and enjoy the party! The images above and below are my entries for Unclad. My Monotype, Guardian at Play , (above), is about the inseparable relationship of humanity and nature and a visual reminder to play well with others. My Monotype, First Morning , (below), is about the realization that each day is defined by what we assign meaning to; that the Realm of Possibility, we are born to each day, has infinite boarders.  In addition to these images I will also have 24 related (unclad) images for sale as cards during the exhibit. Gayle Picken, is the founder and director of Gallery by the Bay.  She and her staff of enthusiastic volunteers have put together this rema