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Kali: Fashionable Diva

  The Bainbridge Arts and Crafts Gallery Exhibition, Art Couture , opens Friday, March 5th.  I had fun with this theme and look forward to seeing the other work. Kali: Fashionable Diva, is one of two print assemblages I made for the Art Couture exhibit.  Kali is the celebrated Hindu goddess associated with time and energy and redemption.  I often write about what I am working on and this is my poem about Kali. Kali Pearl like skulls adorn her breast, Cosmic garlands of conquest, Bone white trophies from a bloody occupation. She is multiform and formless, Fiercely stylish, shaped by grace, The seed of change, the sower and the reaper. Born to war, protect her own, Judge and recreate the dance, She is the “killer” goddess we call mother. We are her miracles of chance, Of birth and death through happenstance. Goddess Kali is our vehicle of deliverance. BF, 2010 Kali is an Assemblage of Monotype Print, Wood, Paint and Kid Leather Gloves.  30”x 27