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An Architectural Art Commission

Earlier this year I completed an interesting commission for a good friend and patron. The final print images were to be digitally reproduced and used as skins for pantry doors in his kitchen.  We discussed imagery and finally decided that two Monotypes describing four phases of his life would be fun and personally relevant. Above are the door skins in place.  Below are the initial drawings and  the final Monotypes that were reproduced as door skins. 


I am making progress on Telamones , the video cabinet commission, and presently working out the painted pattern that will be applied to the outside. I still need to give it another coat of gesso before I begin transferring the pattern and painting. The specifications changed from a wall mounted flat screen to one that sits on a table and so the design also changed to accommodate the base that is part of the flat screen video and a roof element to visually balance the base. I think it is starting to look pretty fun.