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Saint Kilda, Ltd Edition Print

  My latest Sacred Circle, “St Kilda” is inspired by a species of dandelion that was recently discovered on the Isle of Hirta, in the St Kilda archipelago by Jim McIntosh, a recorder of flora for the Outer Hebrides, during survey work. St Kilda lies 41 miles west of the Western Isles of Scotland. The island was abandoned by the last St Kildans in 1930 after years of slow depopulation when there were only 36 human inhabitants. Permanent habitation on the islands extends back two millennia and St Kilda is one of Scotland’s six World Heritage sites. It’s one of the few sites in the world to hold joint status for its natural and cultural qualities. There are thousands of stone structures and even two early sheep types that live on these remote islands. The Soay are sheep with linage from the Neolithic age and the Boreray are of Iron age linage. My St Kilda is an original digital archival print (edition of 12). Frame size 16” x 13”. If you are interested in this print, DM me about St Kilda


Zetos I am working on compositions based upon the subject of " Journey," specifically “The Argonautika”  and the mythic story of Jason and  his quest for the Golden Fleece.   It is an old, old, (really old), hero’s journey.  Older even than Homer’s Iliad, wherein the Argos and its’ many heroes are referred. Through millennium the Argosy and the Argonauts have become synonymous with adventure, discovery and in our present age name pervasive to every product and service one might imagine.  Just Google Argosy and you will currently see (about) 8,000,000 results.  I find that remarkable, daunting and relevant to why Jason's mythic quest is still potent.  “The Argonauticka” is a classic tale of betrayal, vengeance and like many Greek myths has a tragic ending.  It is a story of group dynamics (a crew of 50 heroes), about stretching geographical boundaries and like every important myth it also explores the very human behavioral aspects of quest and t