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The West Wind, Zephyrus

"The West Wind"  Monotype Print with 24 k gold leaf by Brian Fisher, Image 14x14 in. Zephyrus was one of the four Anemoi, (Wind-Gods) representing the cardinal points of the compass.  A son of Titans Astraeus and Eos, Zephyrus personified the West Wind.  His brothers were Boreas, the North Wind, Notus, the South Wind, and Eurus, the East wind. In ancient Greece the West Wind, Zephyrus, was thought to live in a cave on Mount Haimos, (Balkan Mountains) in Thrace.  He was worshiped as the gentle and fertile harbinger of Spring. My Aunt Fern first told me of Zephyrus when I was 12 as we traveled West aboard the California Zephyr, the scenic and historic passenger train, named for him, that ran between Chicago, Illinois and Oakland, California via Omaha, Denver, Salt Lake City, and Reno Nevada. My monotype print “The West Wind” will be exhibited for sale during the 2018 Vashon Art Studio Holiday Tour, Saturdays & Sundays, December 1-2